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Whether you prefer listing your home with one of our experienced agents who can deliver your desired results, getting funds to cover the costs of home improvements, selling your property off-market to a qualified buyer, or receiving a cash offer from our investor partners, we have the perfect solution for you. Whatever your requirements may be, we are here to provide clarity and support throughout your house selling journey.

Sell Your Home With Confidence

Listing a home is a task any agent might perform; though, achieving the desired outcome requires a specialist's touch. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring your home is strategically priced, and marketed effectively to attract top qualified buyers.

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RexMont Concierge

We know that getting your home ready for sale can be costly.

Elevate your home selling experience with our RexMont Concierge program. You can access services like staging, painting, flooring, kitchen renovations, roofing, and more with zero payment due until closing.

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Sell Off Market

Say goodbye to the stress of showings and inspections. homeowners can skip the tedious process of listing their property, and instead, we connect them directly with top qualified buyers.

One of our expert agents will carefully evaluate your objectives, and craft a tailored strategy aimed at selling your home directly to a buyer, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

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Cash Offer

Homeowners can sell their property quickly and effortlessly. With our investor partners, we offer homeowners the option to bypass the listing process and receive a cash offer for their home. Say goodbye to the stress of showings, inspections, and negotiations - with RexMont, you can sell your home fast and hassle-free. Our team will handle all the paperwork and details, ensuring a seamless transaction.

Get a Cash Offer
What's included
Strategic Support
Listing Document & Contract Support
Negotiation Support
Pre-listing email marketing
Nwmls posting
15k+ real estate website syndications in the US and around the world
Media Partners outreach
HR & Relocation Agency outreach
Top 400 local agent outreach
Neighborhood outreach
Cash buyer, investor + builder network
Flyers W/Qr codes
Wall Talking signs
Turnover binder
Exterior, interior photos + drones
24/7 marketing support
Google & Social Media Optimization
Open house
Pre-Inspection report
Floor plans
Lender Perks (Buyer incentives at no cost to you)
Concierge support (Vendor coordination, negotiation & payment plan/financing)
Dedicated youtube seo and ad optimized video (buyer tours ×3)
One time interior designer walk through + recommendations
Decoration /or Staging handling (budget subject to walk through + professional interior designer recommendation)
The above listing packages require a 90 day listing agreement w/ agreed upon listing price + terms between home seller & RexMont Real Estate Inc. Premium listing package will require a minimum 120 day listing agreement. Premium+ listing packages available upon request for $3M or more listing prices.