Fauntleroy: A Serene Waterfront Community with Historic Charm in West Seattle

Fauntleroy, nestled in the southwestern corner of West Seattle, is a neighborhood celebrated for its picturesque waterfront, sweeping views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, and its verdant, natural landscape. This tranquil area is a sanctuary within the city, offering residents a peaceful, close-knit community setting.

Historical Background and Neighborhood Charm

Fauntleroy's history is deeply intertwined with Seattle's development, maintaining a sense of its past through preserved architecture and a strong community spirit. The neighborhood's charm is reflected in its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and the iconic Fauntleroy Church and Ferry Terminal, landmarks that contribute to its distinctive character.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

The neighborhood's access to natural beauty is unparalleled, with Lincoln Park serving as a crown jewel, offering miles of walking trails, beach access, and an outdoor pool overlooking the Sound. The Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal further enhances outdoor exploration, providing a gateway to the adventures awaiting on Vashon Island and the Kitsap Peninsula.

Community Life and Local Events

Fauntleroy fosters a vibrant community life, marked by events like the Fauntleroy Fall Festival, which celebrates the neighborhood's culture and history. Community centers and local organizations play an active role in bringing residents together, strengthening the bonds within this tight-knit community.

Dining and Local Businesses

Though peaceful and residential, Fauntleroy boasts a selection of dining options and local businesses that serve the community's needs. From cozy cafes to waterfront dining, residents enjoy a variety of local flavors that underscore the neighborhood's welcoming atmosphere.

Education and Schools

Families in Fauntleroy benefit from access to excellent educational institutions, with schools that are deeply integrated into the community fabric. Educational excellence and strong parental involvement are hallmarks of the neighborhood's commitment to its younger residents.

Living in Fauntleroy

Living in Fauntleroy homes means embracing a lifestyle that balances serene waterfront living with the conveniences of city life. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options, from historic homes to modern developments, all within a setting that prioritizes community and natural beauty.

Transportation and Accessibility

Despite its serene setting, Fauntleroy remains well-connected to the rest of Seattle. Public transit options, along with the strategic location of the Fauntleroy Ferry, ensure that residents can easily navigate to and from the neighborhood, enjoying the best of both worlds.


Fauntleroy is more than just a neighborhood; it's a community that prizes its natural surroundings, historical heritage, and the vibrant life shared by its residents. Offering a retreat from the city's hustle while maintaining accessibility to urban amenities, Fauntleroy stands as a testament to Seattle's diverse and dynamic character.

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